Friday, December 25, 2009


XX edition of 'ColombiaModa' fashion show in Medellin, Colombia

En Medellín se confeccionan las siguientes marcas: Avirex, Tommy Hilfiger, Levis, DKNY, Hanes, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Eva Picone, Daniel Hetcher, Liz Claiborne, Nautica, Oscar de la Renta, Nine West, Kathie Lee, Dockers, Hue Charter Club, Slates, Timberland, Little Me, Byford, Hush Pupies, Pex, Farah, Sock Shop, Burlington y Mothercare.

Liu Bolin - The real Invisible Man

The talented Bolin says his art is a protest against the actions of the goverment, who shut down his art studio in 2005 and presecutes artists.
Liu works on a single photo for up to 10 hours at a time, sometimes people don't even realize he is there until he moves. He manages to camuflage himself in any surroundings, no matter how difficult they might be.

Eugenio Recuenco

Eugenio Recuenco is a self proclaimed "pain in the ass" considered as one of the most creative spanish fashion photographers, many agencies defined his style " cinematographic" or "pictorial" with a portafolio as unique and diverse as his, he can get away with it. He produces highly evocative scenes, and his photos reveal a mysterious world from which you cannot escape once you stared.

La isla de las muñecas Xochimilco

Located in the heart of the Xochimico's canals, Doll's Island has a history totally unique. Sometime in the 1950’s Julián Santana Barrera begun collecting dolls found in the trash. He lived in this tiny island in Xochimilco and according to his family, these dolls kept the bad spirits away. The family also says that a young girl drowned at the island and he brought the dolls to keep her spirit happy. The island was for many years forgotten, but then in the 1990’s a program to clean up the canals gave again way for the Mexican style gondolas (trajineras) to pass by the island. Julian drowned at the island on April 17th, 2001. His family keeps the place by visitor’s donations; the place has no electricity, no running water or any other kind of utilities. Cellular phones do get a signal, as Xochimilco is inside the limits of Mexico City’s Federal District.